Cedar smudge





Meditation smudge

Cedar is referred to as the sacred plant and means „the power of spiritual strength”. It has been used for centuries in many cultures for purification ceremonies, meditations and other sacred rituals. As incense, it has aromatherapeutic properties – helping to cleanse the room, attract positive energy and fill it with high vibrations. It also provides protection from negative forces and feelings. Cedar together with its intense and woody fragrance provides peace of mind, harmony and balance.

Tip on how to cleanse your home: burn incense, moving it clockwise, paying special attention to windows, doors, and corners. Incense your belongings with cedar by as if immersing them in the smoke. After you have finished, air the house well to remove all the heavy energy that has been collected by the cedar. You can also cleanse the energy of yourself and other people. To do so, light the cedar incense and make movements with it – from the ground to the head, at the front and back of the body and on the sides.

Cedar meditation smudge – details:

  • Natural air refreshener
  • Ideal for meditation
  • Perfect to grow your spirituality
  • Cleanses energy of place and people