Palo Santo & Lavender set




Palo Santo and Lavender Set

Meditation smudges

Palo Santo:

In Spanish, Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) means Holy Tree, it grows plentifully in South America and has been used by medicine men for centuries during ritual prayers, ceremonies and during treatment, it has metaphysical and cleansing properties to remove negative energy, and the first mentions date back to the Inca tribes. The peoples of South America believe that cleansing with the Palo Santo smoke promotes good life, brings happiness and attracts life opportunities.

A legend has it that when the world was inhabited by just a handful of people, the most righteous of them – Cosakait – fell in love with a girl who, unfortunately, did not reciprocate his feelings. The man broke down and became ill and the illness brought him to his death bed. Before he departed, he promised that he would always be near the girl he loved. Cosakait said that he would decorate her head with flowers, drive away insects, and he would also change water that she touches with her mouth to make it sweet. A tree grew next to his burial site, it had a subtle smell, and when burnt – it exuded a stronger aroma. The legend says that it was the Palo Santo – the symbol of love and longing for an unfulfilled love. The Tobas tribe believed the tree to be holy.

Having discovered this legend, we want to introduce an element of magic into our homes.


Lavender has been used since antiquity as a medicinal and antiseptic plant. . As incense, it helps to create an oasis of peace, and cleanse the aura, body, mind and spirit from negative emotions. The delicate and soothing aroma of lavender helps to raise the mood, soothe the nerves, achieve balance and provide a deeper sleep. Due to these relaxing qualities it is naturally associated with meditation.

Tip on how to cleanse your home: burn incense, moving it clockwise, paying special attention to windows, doors, and corners. Incense your belongings with lavender by as if immersing them in the smoke. After you have finished, air the house well to remove all the heavy energy that has been collected by the lavender. You can also cleanse the energy of yourself and other people. To do so, light the lavender incense and make movements with it – from the ground to the head, at the front and back of the body and on the sides.

Palo Santo and Lavender – meditation set – details:

  • Natural air fresheners
  • Ideal for meditation
  • Perfect to grow your spirituality
  • Cleanse energy of places and people