Round yoga mat ELEPHANTS




Round yoga mat Elephants

The Elephants round yoga mat was inspired by the many symbolic beliefs about elephants. An elephant is a symbol of happiness, joy and success in life. It is also a symbol of spiritual and physical power, inner strength, majesty, it is believed that it represents the true “Self” and helps one connect with it. We wanted our Elephants yoga mat to show, in a symbolic manner, one’s spiritual journey from a wild, grey elephant, to a more elevated, spiritual self, represented by a white elephant.

We acknowledged that this pattern will best be utilized on a round yoga mat, where we can introduce the mandala symbolism. In Hinduism and Buddhism, mandala represents the Universe – a concept where everything is connected and is “One”. Mandala therefore represents the spiritual journey of a person. It symbolizes the cosmic unity, but also one’s efforts to find our individual place within it.

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Includes carrying strap.