Round yoga mat SHAMANKA




Round yoga mat Shamanka

Our round yoga mat, Shamanka, does not only have a unique shape, but is also a beautiful interior décor item. We wanted to create a yoga mat that would always be with you. One that would look gorgeous in your space and which you will not ever have to roll up, one that you could always hop onto for a yoga or meditation session.

Our round yoga mat gently alludes to the yin yang symbol – the concept of dualism of the Universe. This symbolism can be seen in the way a woman’s body and the cat are placed in relation to each other. Both of them have the same eyes, which symbolize interconnectivity and interdependency. They also act as a reminder of the dualistic nature of our world and symbolize the connection between elements.

This is the first round yoga mat on the market and we truly hope it will be loved by fans of mysticism and stylish interior design.

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Includes carrying strap.