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Yoga mat set Veganika Day

Our Veganika yoga mat is our tribute to plants, which determine just about all other life on Earth. They supply food to all living organisms, including humans. They are crucial to maintaining our atmosphere and enabling us to breathe, as they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, essential for cellular respiration. They also play an important role in water circulation and nurturing soil. Finally, they provide shelter for many organisms around the world, and enhance human mental and emotional health.

And although plants greatly differ from each other in terms of appearance, most of the time their leaf distribution, petal arrangement, or branching and spiraling follow the Golden Ratio – a mathematical pattern that brings beauty through harmony and perfect proportion, known as the Divine Proportion – living proof of an Intelligent Design.

We have chosen Ivy for our Veganika yoga mat pattern due to its beautiful features and strong plant symbolism. It represents emotional affectionate attachment such as love, friendship and fidelity. Its strong roots and desire for climbing symbolise eternity and immortality.

Whether you are vegan or not, you will love this plant-based yoga mat.

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Includes carrying strap.

Yoga Mat Bag MOONWALK Veganika Day

An ideal and stylish way to carry your yoga mat around. We have designed our Moonwalk yoga mat bags for your ultimate comfort. It is made of strong, durable material to last long and protect all your belongings, with convenient inside pockets to easily locate your water bottle, mobile phone or home keys. It will fit all you need to take with you, including your yoga mat, yoga clothes and personal items, and its truly unique design will make you stand out from the crowd wherever you take it. You can also pair it with a Moonholi VEGANIKA DAY yoga mat to create a matching look.

  • Ideal to carry your yoga mat to class or beach
  • Fits all yoga essentials
  • Includes handy pockets for water bottle or mobile phone
  • Matches Moonholi yoga mats designs so you can pair it with your Moonholi yoga mat