Yoga mat for men WARRIOR




Yoga mat Warrior

Our Warrior yoga mat for men is the first yoga mat created especially for men, however we believe there will be some Warrior ladies out there too. The yoga mat is minimalistic and centered on the Chinese dragon – the symbol of power, strength and good fortune. The dragon’s shape reflects the number 8 – which in the Chinese culture symbolizes the constant flow of energy, infinity, but also luck, wealth, and success. The dragon is holding a pearl – Eastern legends say that if a dragon squeezes a pearl, it makes dew, rain or even thunderstorms.

In its corners the yoga mat’s design is closed off with geometric lines, inspired by the endless knot – srivatsa – one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols. It represents the reincarnation cycle, continuous journey, as well as the inter-twining of wisdom and compassion.

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Includes carrying strap.