Yoga mat Persiana

Our Persiana yoga mat is inspired by the famous story teller of the Middle Eastern collection of tales known as the One Thousand and One Nights. The stories come from ancient Turkey, Persia, Greece, India, North Africa and Arabia and they are being told to the ruler – Shahryar by his future Queen – Scheherazade. The king was known to be marrying young brides and murdering them the next morning. Scheherazade would face the same fate if she had not started telling him fascinating stories every night and leaving him in suspense just before dawn, so that he could no longer kill her, being too intrigued and wanting to find out the rest of the story. This lasted for one thousand and one nights, until Shahryar fell in love with Scheherazade and was no longer able to do her harm.

We incorporated beautiful earthy colours into the Persiana yoga mat to pay tribute to the gorgeous Moroccan mosaics. Step on the mat and enjoy a warm Arabian storytelling night experience.

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Includes carrying strap.