Yoga mat Pro Sticky Magic

The PRO yoga mat STICKY MAGIC is a PRO version of one of our bestselling designs. If you are looking for that uncompromised, dreamy, ultimate grip – this is a PRO yoga mat for you. Your PRO yoga mat does not have to be a boring, one colour, mat. You can enjoy the perfect grip AND the gorgeous design at the same time.

Our Magic professional yoga mat is inspired by the fascination in supernatural powers to control the powers of nature. Do humans really possess such powers? For centuries people lived in a beautiful and strong connection to nature, and it is believed we were able to read and use them for our own benefit. Practitioners of magic were called healers, wizards, shamans, and the practicing of white magic was to create goodness via healing, blessings, spells, charms, songs or prayers. Later, with the development of civilization, we stopped believing in magic.  And yet there are hundreds of examples of magic happening every day – obvious to those, who can see.

Our Magic pro yoga mat is full of magical symbols, from palo-santo, herbs, flowers and magic crystals, as well as other typical attributes of a modern witch. The fortune-telling crystal ball has been placed in the center of the design, and its focal point is the Third Eye. The pattern is very magical, and at the same time still modern and elegant. It will look beautifully in yoga space.

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Includes carrying strap.